Welcome to my consulting website

I have over 27 years’ experience in public health and global health, public policy, health service management, tertiary education and research, management consulting and community development roles. I have worked across general practice organisations, local and state governments, private consulting firms, non-government organisations, and public and private universities, in Australia and Switzerland.

I have a good knowledge of public health and global health issues, developed through international experience in Geneva, in particular non-communicable disease policy and governance, mental health and social determinants of health.I have a strong interest in health equity, and currently have full academic status as Associate Professor at the Southgate Institute for Health, Society & Equity at Flinders University.

I have a PhD in Public Health (Flinders), Honors in Sociology (UTAS), BA Social Science (Psychology/Sociology – Flinders) and Graduate Certificate in Health (Health Service Management – Flinders).

I have experience in community development and participation strategies, intersectoral collaboration and research, outcomes based programs and evaluation methodologies. My PhD research considered housing for people with psychiatric disability, and community participation and intersectoral collaboration within policy processes to achieve housing outcomes.

I have undertaken independent consulting work since 1994, and also have more recent experience as Director (Research & Evaluation) at a private consulting firm (Health Outcomes International). The projects I have worked on include:

  • Reviews of governance and legislation, and development of governance options
  • Program and service reviews and service mapping projects
  • Evaluation of government and community based programs
  • Systematic reviews to inform policy options
  • Workforce development and capacity building strategies and resources
  • Discussion papers, monographs and reports on policy and practice options
  • Curriculum development and training projects
  • Community and stakeholder engagement strategies and policies

I look forward to assisting your organisation or agency.

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