Homelessness & mental health

It has now been 13 years since I completed my PhD research on housing for people with psychiatric disability, and policy barriers and enablers to housing for this group. Later that year, in December 2008 the Australian government released its national housing policy, The Road Home, where it confirmed 2 broad COAG goals of halving … Continue reading Homelessness & mental health


Welcome to my consulting website I have over 27 years’ experience in public health and global health, public policy, health service management, tertiary education and research, management consulting and community development roles. I have worked across general practice organisations, local and state governments, private consulting firms, non-government organisations, and public and private universities, in Australia … Continue reading Welcome

Research Impact Assessment

When measuring research impact, it is important to define terms and distinguish between stages involved in the research process. Research impact refers to evidence for the application of knowledge making a difference, e.g. to health status, quality of life or cost effectiveness. Knowledge translation essentially refers to the review, synthesis, assessment and application of knowledge … Continue reading Research Impact Assessment